Flexible circuits give you unlimited freedom of packaging geometry while retaining the precision density and repeatability of printed circuits.


One of the great advantages is the ability to design your circuitry to fit the device, instead of building a device to fit the circuit board, in fact can replace wire and wire harness assemblies providing a significant savings with no reduction in performance.


Rigid Flex PCB assemblies have the ability to be folded or creased and positioned into the smallest areas makes miniaturization of many devices possible, while offering a substantial weight reduction.


Application Areas

  • Aerospace
  • Electromedical
  • Military applications


FR4 – Polymide (e/o Kapton) – FR4 Tg 150-180-200 – FR4 low Er – Laminated Halogen Free – high ductility FR4 (semiflex) Laminated Halogen Free

Thickness of base laminate

18um – 35um – 70um

Min CNC Drilling Size

0.1 mm

Min Laser Drilling Size

0.075 mm

Min Line width/Space

Standard: 0.05 mm
Custom: 0.025 mm

Impedance Tolerance Control

Standard: +/- 10 %
Custom: +/- 5 %

Surface Finishes

Passivated Copper – Immersion Gold (ENIG – ENIPIG – ASIG) Immersion Silver – Immersion Tin


Green-blue-red-white-black-transparent. Some colors are also available in matt and glossy version

Silk Screen

White, black, blue, yellow, red

Mechanical finish

  • Single PCB
  • Panel PCB
  • Panel PCB with tap
  • Panel PCB with V-Scoring precuts
  • Mixed technology (Drilling and V-Scoring)
  • Controlled height machining
  • Chamfering, Flaring


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