Monolayer is known when the PCB uses a single face for the production of a track . The laminate employed is in fact insulating material with only one copper side (in the finished circuit is identified as solder side or copper side)


In the case of the Bilayer the printed circuit board has conductors on two sides. Generally are metallized holes with only copper or copper coated with tin , tin- nickel, tin-lead alloy . nickel – gold, etc. In some cases may be non- metallized holes


Application Areas

  • Consumer electronics : remote controls , controllers , inverters
  • Industrial electronics : control units for automatic machines


CEM 1 – CEM 3 – CEM 3 thermal – FR4 TG 130-150-180-200 – Polyamide and Kapton – Roger – Arlon –Taconic – Teflon – Laminated with CTI>250 – FR4 with low Er – Ceramic FR4- Laminated Halogen Free –semiflex laminated

Base material thickness

0.6-0.8-1.0-1.2-1.6-2.0-2.4-3.2 mm

Base cooper thinckness

18-35-70-105-140-170-200 um

Surface Finishes

Passivated Copper (OSP) –Hot Air Levelling Lead Free HAL o Sn/Pb – Immersion Gold (ENIG- ENIPIG-ASIG) – Electrolytic Gold-Immersion Silver-Immersion Tin


Green-blue-red-white-black-transparent. Some colors are also available in matt and glossy version

Silk Screen

White, black, blue, yellow, red

Mechanical finish

  • Single PCB
  • Panel PCB
  • Panel PCB with tap
  • Panel PCB with V-Scoring precuts
  • Mixed technology (Drilling and V-Scoring)
  • Controlled height machining
  • Chamfering, Flaring


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