Insulated metal substrate (IMS) consists of a metal baseplate covered by a thin layer of dielectric (usually an epoxy-based layer) and in this case instead of using the usual base material for the PCB , it is used aluminum as the carrier for the copper.


Thanks to this type of structure , the IMS can only accommodate components on the copper side and In most applications, the baseplate is attached to a heatsink to provide cooling, usually using thermal grease and screws.


For IMS PCB exists many combinations of thickness of the aluminum, insulating layer and copper and are suitable for applications in which electronics manages very high currents , up to several hundreds of Amperes with the need for thermal dissipation and ruggedness mechanics.


Application Areas

  • Lighting: High power LED , LED street lamps , LED headlights
  • Automotive: Car headlights , lighting systems
High Power SMD LEDs Assembled on Aluminium Star PCB, Commercial


Aluminium IMS


Berquist – Ventec – KL Laminates – Isola- Zhejiang Huanzeng

Base material thickness

1.0 – 1.5 – 2.0 – 3.0 mm

Base cooper thinckness

18-35-70-105-140-170-200 um

Surface Finishes

Passivated Copper (OSP) – HAL Lead Free or Sn/Pb – Immersion Gold (ENIG-ENIPIG-ASIG) – Electrolytic Gold-Immersion Silver – Immersion Tin


Green-blue-red-white-black-transparent. Some colors are also available in matt and glossy version

Silk Screen

White, black, blue, yellow, red

Mechanical finish

  • Single PCB
  • Panel PCB
  • Panel PCB with tap
  • Panel PCB with V-Scoring precuts
  • Mixed technology (Drilling and V-Scoring)
  • Controlled height machining
  • Chamfering, Flaring


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