3Dimensional Molded Interconnect (o Mechatronic Integrated) Device


What is it about? →
PCB and electronics Integration with mechanics final application


Partnership ESSETI and Multiple Dimensions →
Thanks to an important partnership established in 2016 at the Munich Electronica fair, with the Swiss company Multiple Dimension, today we can boast of being the first and only Italian PCB manufacturer to offer the exclusive 3D-MID technology.
Thanks to our thirty-year knowledge in PCB and our highly specialized staff we are able to accompany our customers in the process from standard technology to 3D-MID technology.

Advantages of 3D-MID technology:

  • Maximum Electronic Miniaturization and PCB
  • Remove Problems of interconnecting and cut off the use of PCB Flex
  • Possibility of creating resistive keys with relative removal of electro-mechanical keys
  • Simplification and Maximum Optimization in Antennas Project and Design and Appliances for Broadcasting and Automotive World
  • Possibility of marking products without limit. Example: Qr Code Barcode etc.
  • SMT component position optimization – Eg LED positioning to improve light diffusion
  • Reduce product management costs and related labor


NOTE: Maximum current for these applications: 2.3 °


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